Who is Runforthecube?

Runforthecube is an internet personality unlike anything ever seen before online (or offline for that matter). A self proclaimed ‘Unprofessionally trained pronunciation and linguistics expert’, who has been mesmerizing audiences since 2009.

Singer, Product Reviewer, & Entertainer

Over the past few years, Runforthecube has grown to become one of the top up-and-coming online entertainment brands! With a one of a kind voice and unique sense of comedy, Runforthecube has developed a large following among sports, music, and entertainment enthusiasts.

Runforthecube – The Singer

Runforthecube is a singing sensation taking the music world by storm. With over 150 cover songs available to purchase and stream, Runforthecube is already a well established musician. It’s hard to believe, but Runforthecube has achieved this level of success with no professional singing or music lessons. All voice recordings and music are recorded using only the raw voice with NO autotune. Runforthecube is a natural talent with a one-of-a-kind voice and a passion for singing.

Runforthecube – The Product Reviewer

Consumers want to know what a product is really like before they decide to make a purchase. Don’t worry, Runforthecube has you covered. With a fun and amusing approach to product reviews, Runforthecube ensures that the product is safely unboxed, thoroughly inspected, and put through rigorous testing. Runforthecube product reviews cover a wide array of product categories including: toys, candy, books, electronics, and much more.

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