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3 Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs Unboxing – Runforthecube Candy Review. Watch as I review a Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg and Toy and watch it get unboxed and play with the Kinder toys.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Kinder Surprise, Kinder Surprise. Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg, chocolate egg. Let’s spin it around. Ooh something inside. Let’s play spin the Kinder Surprise, spin the Kinder Surprise. I hope it points at you, so we can kiss. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Let’s see. Ooh, Yes! *Kissing Sound* Time to cut it open. Let’s find what’s inside. Ooh, chocolate and a plastic yellow egg. Hmm, what is that? Let’s cut another open, so we can find a toy. I hope there is a toy inside. Let’s open it up. Oh no, it’s another plastic yellow egg. Let’s open another Kinder Surprise. Let’s peel off the wrapper, peel off the wrapper. I like to pull off the egg skin, the egg skin. Almost done, almost done. Just a little bit left. Let’s draw an Easter Bunny, an Easter Bunny. This is the Bunny’s head and his whiskers. Don’t forget his eyes. This is the last egg to open, I wonder what is inside. Oh no, it’s another plastic yellow egg. Bum bum bum da bum bum bum bum. Ploop. Ooh, a big hole. Ooh something’s inside the egg. What is it? It’s a… a… a yellow truck! Vroom vroom! Ooh so many colours! What’s inside this one? It’s a… It’s a… white motorcycle, white motorcycle. Aah, I like motorcycles. Time to put on the stickers. This one goes here. Stick it on so it doesn’t fall off. Careful. This one goes on the front. This is so much fun, it is… falling off. Oh no! This is the last egg. What is inside? It is blue! Another motorcycle! This is a fast motorcycle. Vroom. Ooh, very cool. I like it, it goes fast. I like my Kinder Surprise, it was fun to play with my toys. Ooh, chocolate, toys, stickers. Peace, Peace Out!”