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Alter Eco Quinoa Organic Chocolate Bar – Runforthecube Food Review. Watch as I review an Alter Eco Quinoa Organic Chocolate Bar and pop some chocolate pimples.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Alter Eco Quinoa Chocolate, Quinoa Chocolate. Hmm, very interesting. Let’s cut it open and see what’s inside. Ohh, I said let’s cut it open. Let’s see… It is not working. Ooh, I am not strong enough, I need muscles. Aha! I found where I can open it up. Ooh, what is that? Ooh, very shiny. Be very careful, be very careful. Let’s open it up, I want to see the chocolate. Hmm… I don’t know how to open it up. Somebody help me! Ahh, I am hungry! Aha! I found scissors. Let’s cut it open, so I can eat it. It is very smooth on the top and on the back it is ugly! Chocolate pimples, chocolate pimples. Let’s pop the pimples, let’s pop the pimples. Hmm, squeeze it hard, squeeze it hard. I love to pop pimples, I love to pop pimples. Let cut off a piece of chocolate for my party. Ohh, it broke. This is not good. It broke. It is not a perfect square. Let’s try again. Ahh, it broke again. What will I do? My party will be ruined, my party will be ruined. I can not do it perfect. All of them is broken. I am sad, I will cry in a corner. Peace, Peace Out!”