Del Monte Red Banana – Runforthecube Food Review. Watch as I review a Del Monte Red Banana and make a craft out of a red banana.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Del Monte Ecuador Red Bananas, Del Monte Ecuador Red Bananas. Banana belly button, banana belly button. I am hungry, I want a red banana. Let’s cut it off. Snip! Ooh, a sticker for my collection, a sticker for my collection. Pull it off. Very good. Ooh, I forgot piece. Eeeeah! Let’s slice it open, let’s slice it open. Ooh, what’s inside? Let’s take a peek! Very interesting. Hurry, let’s pull him out, so he can be safe. Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive. Ah ah ah ah Stayin’ Alive! Sit ups are good for you. I like to rip things in half, I like to rip things in half. Rip! The red banana looks like a yellow banana. They are brothers! Let’s give him some holes, so he can breathe. Let’s cut him in half. Ooh, look! No bones! Let’s cut it in half again. I like to cut things. Ploop, ploop, ploop. The red banana is slimy inside. Very smooth. Let’s make a craft with the red banana. What will be make? It will be a surprise. Almost done… Ahh… Surprise! It’s a banana flower, banana flower. I like to make baby food, I like to make baby food. Squish it up good. Don’t want baby to choke. Here comes the airplane. Brrub brrub brrub. Peace, Peace Out!”