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Emoji Stickers 850 High Quality Die Cut Emojistickers – Runforthecube Product Review. Watch as I review Emoji Stickers 850 High Quality Die Cut Emojistickers and play with a sticker.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Emoji Stickers, Emoji Stickers. 19 sheets. This package has over 850 stickers. Ooh, very thick. Let’s slice it open. Happy face, angry face, crying face, ahh, sleeping face. Angel, old man, crying cat. Muscles, pointing, karate girl. Pants, purple heart, diamond. Pig, caterpillar, whale. Camel, leaf, black moon, half moon. Snowman, ghost, present, camera. Speaker, lock, flashlight, hammer. Mailbox, calendar, scissors, pen, pencil, book. Piano, soccer ball, football, swimming. Hamburger, bread, donut, cake. Corn, hospital, camping, sunset, boat. Train, ambulance. Flag, number 8. Japanese, Japanese. Recycling, squiggly sign. Ahh, clock, another clock, red diamond. Poo pile, demon, dancing. What is your favourite emoji? Let’s see mine! Eggplant, banana, corn, donut, cookie, chocolate bar, singing, money, peace, peace out, demon, mask, scream, pig snout, baby chick, lips, ring, diamond, karate girl, mask, angry guy, pile of poo. Peace, Peace Out!”