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Grumpy Cat Plush Toy Tardar Sauce – Runforthecube Review. Watch as I review the Grumpy Cat plush toy and play with it.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have a Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat. Oh, he’s sad, oh, he’s sad. Pink nose, pink nose. Ooh, very big eyes, very big eyes. Very blue too. Real whiskers, real whiskers. Ooh ticklish. Very good, very nice. Very good, very nice. Be happy, be happy. Shhh. Very good, very nice, be happy. Shhh. I had fun once, it was awful. Time to snip it off, time to snip it off. Ooh, bye bye. Don’t be grumpy, don’t be grumpy. Little ears, little ears. Awe, tiny paws, tiny paws. Hee hee, very fun, we having fun now. Bye bye. Peace, Peace Out!”