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Lucky Charms Cereal Treat Bars – Runforthecube Toy Review. Watch as I review Lucky Charms Cereal Treat Bars.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Lucky Charms Cereal Treats, Lucky Charms Cereal Treats. Cute leprechaun, cute leprechaun. Time to open the package, time to open the package. Slice it open. *sniff sniff* Mmm, smells very tasty! Cut it in half, cut it in half. Time to spin the treat, time to spin the treat. Very fun to play with food. I think this is a red heart and this is a yellow star, and this is… I don’t know… what is that? Mmm, treat dandruff, treat dandruff. Time to cut out the marshmallow booger, time to cut out the marshmallow booger. Please don’t make me eat this, please don’t make me eat this. Rainbow marshmallow, rainbow marshmallow. Peace, Peace Out!”