Mini Donut Chocolates by Chocodelice – Runforthecube Candy Review. Watch as I review Mini Donut Chocolates by Chocodelice and cut them in half to see what is inside.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Donut Chocolates. Donut Chocolates. Made by Chocodelice. Zesty Lemon, Mocha Coffee, Creamy Vanilla, Chocolate Bomb, Sweet Strawberry, Mellow Caramel. Mmm. Time to open it up, let’s see what’s inside. Ahh, what is this? I don’t know. Ahh, wings? Let’s slice it open. Ooh, lots of chocolate donuts! This package has 28 donuts, 28 donuts. Ahh, I love to eat donuts, they are tasty! This donut is white with stripes. Umm, let’s cut it open and see what is inside. Inside is ahh, white cream and it is soft and tasty. This is a chocolate donut and umm inside there is more chocolate! Here is another chocolate donut with sprinkles. Let’s cut it open, what is it? Peanut butter? Ooh, a pink donut! Let’s cut it open. I… uhh… I am not strong enough, I can not cut it open. Ahh, a lemon donut. Lemon donut. Let’s cut it open. What is inside? Umm… lemon cream. I can not cut this donut open, it is perfect. Welcome to my donut graveyard. I made some donut glasses. We we we we we we we we we woo. Let’s make a chocolate donut snowman. Ooh, very cool. Let’s shuffle the donuts, shuffle the donuts. Let’s make a donut shish kabob, donut shish kabob. Donuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Peace, Peace Out!”