Purple Passion Fruit Passiflora Edulis – Runforthecube Food Review.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have a Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit. Ooh, this looks like a moon crater! Let’s make some purple dust, purple dust. Scratch scratch, scratch scratch. Nice and clean! Time to cut open the Passion Fruit, the Passion Fruit. Hurry! I want to see what is inside, pull it open! Ooh, interesting. Eww, what is this? Is it alive? The Passion Fruit has a purple and white crust. It is hard and beautiful. This Passion Fruit is pregnant! Shh, I am going to steal all of the baby eggs. Come on, come to Papa! Wee, spin them around and around. Let’s pick up a baby Passion Fruit. Ooh, it is very little. Come on, time to be born. Time to be born! Come here! Come here! I want to give you a big hug. Ohh, you are slippery, very slippery! Peace, Peace Out!”