What’s in My Rubber Chicken Purse? April 2015 My Favorite Things! Runforthecube “Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today let’s see what’s inside my rubber chicken purse and my favorite things. Ahh, this purse is made of rubber and it is a chicken. It has red handles and soft feathers, feathers. This purse has a big red eyeball and a yellow beak. Ooh a red mohawk, red mohawk. Little zipper. Let’s pull the zipper and see what’s inside. Ooh, what’s inside?

Ooh! A pretty Easter egg!  This is my favorite thing because it is hand painted, it is from the Ukraine, and I love the beautiful painting. This is ahh red, and white, and peach. Shake, shake! Shake the Easter egg! Knock, knock! Knock, knock!

What’s next? Ooh, a unicorn horn! This is my favourite thing because it is the last unicorn horn from the last unicorn on earth. Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke. I’m a unicorn, it is lot’s of fun. I like to go up, up, up. I like to go down, down, down. Ow!

What’s next? Ooh, it a Cliff Bar! Mmm, chocolate chip! This is my favourite thing because it gives me energy. Let’s cut it open, so we can see what’s inside. Rip it open, ooh, very interesting. The Cliff Bar can give you lots of power and energy. Ooh, let’s rip it open. This is a chocolate chip and this is mmm hmm. Hmm, eat me, eat me! Mmm, I’m tasty, mmm! So good, yum, yum!

What’s next? Ooh, this is my favourite thing because it’s a green pickle. Squishy, squishy! Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo! Heeey! Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Smile, smile, smile! Ooh, eee, ooh, Oooh! This is hard, it is hard to exercise.

What’s next? Ooh, a ball of hair! This is my favourite thing because I love to play with hair! I like to braid it, I like to comb it, to brush it, and to stretch it. Where’s my finger? Ooh, there it is. I love to cut hair and give new hairstyles. Snip, snip. Snip, snip. Keep sniping! Ooh, let’s pull it apart!

What’s next? Ooh, a limonata! This is my favourite thing because I love lemon juice! This is San Pellegrino, it is made with natural flavour. Mmm. It is 18% lemon juice. Let’s pull off the tin hat, tin hat. Ooh, very clean. This lemon juice is very tasty. Mmm.

Last, but not least. is a Minecraft diamond sword. It is my favourite thing because it is very strong and pretty. Ooh, very sharp edges, sharp edges and a brown handle. Attack! Attack the Creeper!

Peace, Peace Out!”

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Ukrainian Easter Egg (Pysanky): http://amzn.to/1y5NweD
Unicorn Horn: Sorry! Only One Left on Earth
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Human Hair: NOT FOR SALE!
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