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Wheat Thins Nacho Cheese Crackers – Runforthecube Food Review. Watch as I shave the spices off a Wheat Thins cracker.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Wheat Thins, Wheat Thins. Mmm Nacho Cheese, Nacho Cheese. Let’s cut open the package and see what’s inside. Let’s pull it open. Oooh, it is dark inside. Pull it out, let’s see the crackers. Mmm yum yum. Ooh, a mountain of crackers, a mountain of crackers. Time to shave the cracker, time to shave the cracker. Ooh, a clean shave, a clean shave. Let’s snip off the corner of the cracker. Snip! Hee hee, this is fun. Let’s do it again. Snip! And let’s cut this corner and… umm, this corner. Let’s make a circle, let’s make a circle. Tada! I made a Wheat Thins circle. Let’s snip this cracker in the middle, in the middle. Ooh, very interesting. This cracker is made of cracker and spices. Let’ break the cracker. Hrrahh. Yes! I have strong muscles. Cube on the breakaway. Oh, on the left, on the right. Cube! He shoots, he scores! Cube! Peace, Peace Out!”