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Zuko Juice Instant Drink Mix – Runforthecube Food Review. Watch as I make a glass of refreshing Zuko juice from an instant drink mix.

“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Zuko juice instant mix. Zuko juice instant mix. The package is very thin. Hmm, how many flavours are there? Let’s see! Ahh, Sabor Guayaba, Sabor Guayaba. Super Sabor Durazno, Super Sabor Durazno. Sabor Melon, Sabor Melon. Sabor Guanabana, Sabor Guanabana. Sabor Pina Colada, Sabor Pina Colada. Super Sabor Jamaica, Super Sabor Jamaica. Sabor Coco, Sabor Coco. Sabor Maracuya, Sabor Maracuya. Time to open the package, let’s snip it open. Snip, snip. Ooh, the juice mix is a soft powder. Ahh, the sands of time, the sands of time. The vile of flavour, the vile of flavour. Let’s pour the powder into the water. Ahh, a waterfall of powder. Errrrruuup. Bye bye. Oh no, the powder is not mixing up. There is a lot of powder clumps, a lot of powder clumps. We must mix it faster and harder. Hrrrrah. Let’s pour a refreshing glass of Zuko juice, Zuko juice. Mmm *lip smack* Mmm *lip smack* Very tasty. Uh oh, what is that? Black specs of flavour? I hope so! Peace, Peace Out!”